Noggin Toppers Hair Bows

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Bow Sizes and Other Sizing & Wearing Information

          Easy Bow Attachment on Hair Bands

Alligator Clip                              Clip with non-slip pad

Bows on Clips  (See Picture)

Minis are approximately 2" wide

Small are about 2-1/2" wide 

Medium bows are about 3" wide  

Large bows are about 4" to 5" wide

Jumbo bows are about 6" wide or slightly wider

Hair Band Widths

Hairbands that are wrapped in ribbon range in width from  3/8",  1/2",  3/4"  to 1".  Most ribbon-wrapped hair bands are 3/4" and 1" widths. (See picture.)

How to Attach Bow/Clips to Hair Band

To attach a bow or clip to a 3/4" and 1"  band, just slide it in anywhere you like between the wrapped ribbon. For a narrower band, slide the clip into a fixed loop. (See pictures.)

Pony Tail Streamers

Ribbons on pony tail streamers hang down about 5" and are affixed to Goody thick hair elastic pony tail bands. Usually a black band is used. 

Hair Clips

Clips are  1-3/4" long single-prong metal alligator clips.  Unless otherwise specified, all bows and clips are on hair clips. (See picture.)

If your wearer has SUPER fine hair, you may want to order clip with non-slip pad on the pull-down option. (See picture.)  A few of the sports or multi-layered bows also have French Barrette as a pull-down option   If you prefer a French barrette for other items, email me or call me before you place your order.

Note:   bows and clips are usually made to be worn on the standard right (if you are standing in front of the child, it will be your right, her left).  If you have a preference for left, use the pull-down menu to left as you order the item.